Minks Aire F-551 and WDC1300

I am trying to find out if the Bond Bridges really will work with the Minka Aire F-551 fans I have. Build.com says on their site that it’s compatible with the BD-1000 which if correct, I would assume the Pro model would be as well. I cannot tell how it would work though. There is no handheld remote to learn from, only an optional wired in wall remote, the WDC1300. There are no online instructions on this model to see how it communicates with the fan. It’s possible it sends out RF that the bridge can then learn, but maybe it does something over the wiring itself. There just is no way to tell. Does anyone know if the Bridges will work and if so what is required?

I just looked at the instruction manual for your fan. It could be compatible with the BD-1000, but you would need to buy a separate receiver/remote. I was surprised Minka Aire did this as my fan also ONLY included a wall control. BUT, mine sends commands to a receiver installed in the canopy. It is a $800+ fan and I still had to buy the remote separately.

Anyway, your fan has a completely wired wall control, and you have to be wired for a ceiling fan. Here’s the wiring diagram. If you want to be Bond compatible, buy a receiver/remote before starting the install.

Thanks for your input Kevdog. I am assuming by the wired control you mean the WDC1300 I referenced. Do you think I can just install the wired control/WDC1300 long enough for the Bond to learn the commands and then put whatever smart switch I want in instead? I really would like to use the Bond in conjunction with the Control4 switches. Thanks again and Happy New Year!

The wall control is not sending any RF signal Bond needs to pick up. What you need is something like this:

The receiver gets mounted in the fan’s canopy and you use the remote to train the Bond. Also you would need to remove the wall control and put a regular single pole switch.

The strange thing is your fan is not listed in the fan control compatibility chart.

Off the Home Depot website, someone asked if the fan is remote compatible, and the response was:

Hello, Please call 800-527-0998 and the customer care team can help order the compatible remote for this fan. Please mention your fan is the Minka Aire Watt 60"

So I think that’s what you should do! Don’t just buy any remote kit. Your fan has a DC motor and that may cause problems. Go with Minka Aire’s recommendation.

Thanks Kevdog! Yeah the only control option Minka lists is the WDC1300 I keep referencing. I had contacted them by e-mail during the holidays so if I don’t hear back, I will try calling. There is an another similar post about a Casablanca fan with only a wall remote option and I believe they were successful pairing it to the Bond so there is hope. I will report back once I have a definitive answer.

I talked to support at Minka Aire and they said they thought the reference to the BD-1000 at build.com was in error. I was also able to get a copy of the instructions for the WDC1300 wall controller that is said to be the only way to control this fan remotely. It connects to the motor with one wire but there is no pairing process, so it may be some sort of resistor array it switches through in the actual wall controller.

So it sounds like it’s a no go without some sort of custom interface to control the wall remote circuitry. Whatever it is. I’d have to open one up to even find out.

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