Fan app only works intermittently

How do I get the Bond app for my ceiling fan to work 100% of the time? As it is now, it only works intermittently. The remote will get the fan working every time, but the app only works half the time. I’ve updated it to the latest firmware. I’ve also tried the everyday fixes: closed and reopened the app, did a forced stop and restarted my phone with no success. It’s been a year of this and I’m supremely frustrated!

Hey @McMac
So bad to hear that!

Is this just the app? Have you tried using other integrations, like Alexa and Google Assistant?

Also, what are the first 2 letters of your Bond’s device serial ID and what ceiling fans do you have?
That will help us to investigate what could be happening.

Also may be answered by your responses, @McMac - but did you buy a Bond Bridge (hockey puck device that you had to set up to control your fan by “listening” to your original remote being pressed), or did you get a ceiling fan that said it was Smart by Bond / WiFi enabled directly out of the box (which told you to download the Bond app to join to WiFi etc)?

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It’s the first one, the hockey puck that I programmed with the remote. Would it help to try programming it again? Or would that change anything?

Going back to @endy 's questions and a couple additional ones:

  • What are the first 2 characters of your Bond Bridge serial number?

  • What Fan are you trying to control? (If you know make / model / and if you can see a Template in the Bond app under advanced menu for the fan [see screenshot at the bottom of my reply for an example])

  • Where is the Bond Bridge in relation to the ceiling fan (same room or different room, floor or shelf)?

  • How are you powering the Bond Bridge - a USB cable to a built in USB port to your wall or a power strip? Or is the USB cable plugged into a “brick” that plugs into an outlet or power strip with the normal two prongs?

Example of a Template “A1” being assigned to one of my fans:

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