RF Costco String Lights On/Off Only Help Request

Howdy! I’ve attempted to get my Bond to control my RF controlled string lights from Costco with the ultimate goal of having them turn on from dusk to dawn. I only care about On/Off. I followed the protocol for the Dyson fan (RF instead of IR) recently posted without success. If anyone can offer a recommendation, I’d appreciate it!

FCC ID: 2AIH2RF20160226B
Details: https://fccid.io/2AIH2RF20160226B
Photos attached. Thank you for your help!

When you say “without success”, are you unable to get the Bond Bridge to blink green while manually recording a key press?
Or does it blink green but the recorded command, when sent from the Bond Bridge, doesn’t actually successfully turn on / off the lights?
Or… Some other way that you’re not getting success?

Thank you for the reply and I apologize for being unclear. The Bond doesn’t recognize the signal and blinks amber after the time runs out.

No worries, Nan. Glad to have you in the forums!

I will say that RF is a bit more difficult than IR - the BOND team and some customers here in the forum both mention attempting recording at various distances from the BOND Bridge actually making a difference (I’ve only had one RF device I manually recorded, and I did have to try a couple times before it all went smoothly.)

Some remotes need to be ~12 inches from the BOND Bridge, some need to be right up against it, some further.
I don’t have that device so I can’t say what works best for it, unfortunately.

The FCC link shows it should be within range. You can try to type in the app the 433.92 MHz expected range vs using Auto.

Then it’s just a trial and error / try and try again situation I’m afraid.

Unless someone else has these lights and can offer a distance / recording suggestion?

I really appreciate your thoughtful explanation. I’ll try it at different distances and see if I have any better luck. Thank you, again!

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Let us know how this goes, I’d be especially interested if manually setting the recording to 433.92 MHz works out for you. If it doesn’t, we could still check if any signal at all was recorded.

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Hi Jacob, I tried repeatedly with an amber flashing light every time. I’d be happy for you to see if any signal was recorded.

I had similar behavior from a completely different remote kit. If I’m not mistaken, when you get the timeout + amber flashing light, it means that no signal was recognized/received by Bond. So there would not be anything they can lookup on their side.

Of course, take that with a grain of salt; I’m still learning about this stuff.

Very unfortunate because I was looking at Costco string lights as well and had assumed those would work with Bond. Now I’ll hold off.

I hope someone smarter than me has a clever idea on what else to try. It would be wonderful to automate these lights.

FCC Documents make this look like simple OOK (on-off keying) at 433.92MHz. I’d think it would work just fine with our raw recording.

My guess: @afaq, try holding the remote farther away, like 6ft away from the Bond Bridge when trying to record.

From the FCC test report:

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I was also hoping this would work. I’ve not had any luck yet. This includes:

  • Manually setting learning to RF and 433.92 MHz
  • Trying close to the bridge and far away.
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Hello! I was checking to see if anyone had any luck with this after a few months?