AMP Motor Pairing - Lost remote

Hello! Very new to the forum (just received my Bond BD-1000 Bridge yesterday), but hoping someone might have some advice on a somewhat unique issue…

I have a set of “AMP Motorization” (a.k.a. Turnils) window shade motors that I would like to pair to the Bond bridge. Unfortunately, the original remote was damaged and I would prefer to not purchase a $70-100 replacement since we likely never use it again after the bridge is up and running.

The current pairing steps require pressing the P2 button on the back of the remote, but I noticed that in post from August 2022 the pairing used to occur by pressing P1 on the motor. I assume this was changed for convenience, but I’d like to see if there is any way to use the “old” method. Perhaps downgrading the bridge to a release prior to 3.3.19 to pair and then updating the firmware after? This is the post for reference:

Bridge Stable Release v3.3.19 – RA Fix, Gaposa, Nice Green Slider


AMP motors can now be paired using the AMP remote, rather than the button on the motor. DETAIL: change the pair signal sent for Turnils AMP Motorization motors. We switch from sending the “2 second hold on the stop button” code to the “tap the P2 buttons” code. We’re doing this so that you can pair by using another remote control. Previously, you’d only be able to pair using the P1 button on the motors. Maybe in the future we will give both options in the app. For now, we are standardizing on the assumption that users will be using the AMP remote control (or Sidekick) to introduce the Bond Bridge to the motor.

I did reach out to customer support through the app, but they did not believe there was a firmware version that used the other method. Hoping someone here might have some technical advice for a workaround…


Welcome, @TylerATZX !

I won’t be of help in this case since I don’t have any AMP devices.
Hopefully someone in the community, or even one of the Bond staff when they have a chance to stop by, will have more insight. Just didn’t want you to feel invisible in the meantime.

I’m glad you tried the Support avenue in the app; it’s too bad they didn’t have a ready solution. :confused:

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