Register Bond Bridge as new remote with Hunter Fan Receiver?


I got a Hunter Fan 99122 Receiver that usually comes with a remote, unfortunately I don’t have the remote anymore.

I was hoping there would be a way though to use my bond bridge so I could replace my missing remote with my bond bridge though? The manual for the receiver mentions that to pair the remote with the receiver you’d have to press the power off and speed 3 button on the remote for 4 seconds. Is there any way to trigger that sequence without having the remote?

Would much appreciate if anyone had insights into how this could be done!


I’m going to hope that 99122 is similar enough to Hunter 99120, and therefore a C2 template might work?

See this post.

Now, how to add a template remote to Bond Bridge without a physical remote to trigger the template?
There was an old post here I referenced to come up with this API command you could try in a command line / terminal of a computer on the same network as your Bridge:

curl -H "BOND-Token: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa" -i http://n.n.n.n/v2/devices/ -X POST -d "{\"template\":\"C2\",\"name\":\"Test C2\",\"properties\":{\"addr\":\"1111\",\"bps\":3000,\"zero_gap\":30,\"freq\":433920}}"
(make sure to modify the command above to reflect your BOND-Token and IP address)

The problem would be pairing to the receiver on your device seems like two buttons being held, not just one (like the first link I included above)… So even if the template is added and correct, it might be for naught if you can’t pair it.

Thought about buying a replacement remote, at least for a day? :sweat_smile:

Thanks for your reply! The template is definitely the correct one! Now if there would be an endpoint on the REST API to add a Pairing button that presses the combination of buttons that I need for 4 seconds - that would be great! Do you know if that’s a thing?

I thought about buying a replacement remote, but stayed away from it given that I thought technically the Bond Bridge has the capabilities, I just wasn’t sure if it was exposed.


I don’t have one of these, so I was poking around the template one I created with the API call above, but sadly I don’t see the Action of Pair as I was hoping I’d see. :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

Maybe someone from the Bond staff (@merck comes to mind) has a suggestion for how to fake a Pair signal which is expecting two buttons to be held for 4 seconds… since the Bond app doesn’t appear to be able to send two button commands / signals (a Fan Power Off and a Fan Speed 3, in this case) simultaneously.

One would have to press the buttons on a real remote and observe what it does. Sometimes it sends a different code when you press two buttons, possibly not until several seconds have elapsed. Cannot tell in advance.

That said, it certainly would make sense for us to have Pair action on the API even for these remotes where we usually are cloning an existing remote, for this sort of I-lost-my-remote use case.

Wasn’t sure if templated devices had a chance of having that behavior ahead of time.

… is it something pretty standard and you can therefore just send one of the “known” ‘Pair’ signals for templated devices?