Bridge Stable Release v3.3.19 -- RA Fix, Gaposa, Nice Green Slider

Released just now, new firmware for BD-1000 (2nd-generation) and BD-1750. v3.3.19.

What’s Changed since v3.3.13 (last stable release)

Device Support

  • We now support Gaposa motors :confetti_ball: (Thanks @guyzaltus in #1619)

  • add support for slider control of Nice Green motors. However, we are still working on the UX for this in the app to make it very easy to set up. For for now, Nice Green Slider is not for the feint of heart. To enable this, you need to first go to Device Settings > Edit Controller > SetPosition and enable it. Then you need to set your Nice Green motor into slider mode. You can do this with the NICE remote control by following an undocumented procedure, if you have access to those details. Or you can send a PUT request to the SetPositionMode action on the device on the Bridge. The motor will jog a bunch of times over the course of about 30 seconds. Only then will the slider in the app function. If you don’t have your Nice Green motor in the slider mode, it may change the motor’s speed instead of setting the position. Big thanks to the NICE team in supporting us with this new feature. We look forward to making it a breeze to set up via the app. (by @chrismerck in #1622).

  • tl;dr: those new -A Rollease motors now work great, and some other Dooya motors which never worked before come along for the ride. DETAIL: fix serious issue with newer Rollease motors (mostly those which model numbers end in “-A”) where the motors would either not pair at all, or could only be controlled for a few seconds, or only highly unreliably. The issue is apparently related to some changes in the motor chipset. Anyways, we seem to have resolved it. Let us know if your Rollease or Dooya motors still don’t work, or work any worse. We’ve tested with all the motors we have access to and it seems to be golden, but you never know… (by @chrismerck, @rafaeldantaas, and @marciogranzotto #1618 and other PRs)

  • tl;dr: AMP motors can now be paired using the AMP remote, rather than the button on the motor. DETAIL: change the pair signal sent for Turnils AMP Motorization motors. We switch from sending the “2 second hold on the stop button” code to the “tap the P2 buttons” code. We’re doing this so that you can pair by using another remote control. Previously, you’d only be able to pair using the P1 button on the motors. Maybe in the future we will give both options in the app. For now, we are standardizing on the assumption that users will be using the AMP remote control (or Sidekick) to introduce the Bond Bridge to the motor. (Thanks @guyzaltus in #1596)

  • fix problem where some Dendo (RMS115) shades could not be controlled. We had misinterpreted part of the address field in the protocol, and have since gotten that patched up. Thanks @guyzaltus in #1598

API Changes

  • fix issue with device property hashes for raw recorded devices (Thanks @endy-s in #1597)

  • add endpoint for enabling HomeKit support in api/bhk. It’s disabled by default. Not yet available through the app. We’ll have something to share for testing very soon.