Somfy Blinds won't pair to Bridge

Picked up the Bond Bridge and set it up no issue. When it came to pairing to my Somfy shade no luck. The remote has four channels each controlling a single shade. I pressed the programming button and the shade jogged as it should’ve. However when it came to pairing, I hit the pair button in the app but the blind did not jog again as it should’ve. Not sure why this is happening, the bridge is right next to the motors essentially so it should be working.

Also seems to be happening with other devices. Tried pairing a shade from another brand, the light went green when I hit the button and it recognised the frequency but when it came to testing nothing happened. Really disappointing.

Please get in touch with our customer service team via live chat… our team is pretty good at getting people unstuck with pairing issues.

One possible cause is when the Somfy motor’s remote memory is full (12 remote channels). You’d need to either unpair some already paired remotes, or factory reset the shade and then reconfigure the limits and re-pair remotes, then pair Bond. Not easy, but this is the motor.

Please share photo of front / back of the remote control. Perhaps we can guide you. Again, our CS team can give fastest resolution.

Thank you! I will get in touch with the team. I don’t think it’s it’s the remote memory issue though as I only have one remote for the shades

Here is the remote for the other shade. It’s not a listed brand in the app but the Bond Bridge seems to be recognising the up and down commands and the frequency but then doesn’t work when testing.

Was only able to add one image, but the front basically has three buttons, up, stop and down.

Update regarding this second remote: there was a thread posted lasted year which answers my question. Apparently these remotes use a rolling code system, so understandable why it’s not working.

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We are actively working on Alpha integration. I expect we’ll have it in a few weeks in beta.

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