Bond Bridge with unknown roller blinds

Can someone help me figure out how to pair this set of roller blinds (433MHz) with the bond bridge. This is a photo of the remote that pairs with it.

Pairing works as per instructions from this YouTube video from SmartWings: Instruction | How to Factory Reset the Motor & Initial Setting. (as a new user, I can’t put the URL in)

I’ve tried every single shade option in the Bond App, I’ve tried having the Bond Bridge learn from the remote. All of them failed. I bought the Bond Bridge to control these shades, but I can’t seem to get it to work.


Here’s the URL of the YouTube Video I used to pair. The roller blinds looks very similar to what I have:

Front of the Remote:

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Looks like that’s a Rewi Window Fashions branded remote.

Looking at their site under motorization, they refer to ARC motors, which is a Rollease (?) proprietary protocol.

That, combined with some screenshot zooming and guessing, leads me to think your remote has FCC ID of 2A7KZ-15202528.
There’s a manual there from some rebadged manufacturer sharing the same FCC ID, though I think it’s a pretty rough one.
Might have better luck with seeing what you need to do for Pairing Mode, etc from Rollease documentation directly.

Now, I’ve seen others on the forum use the Bridge (as long as it’s one of the 2nd generation ones, the only ones being sold for several years now) and the Bridge Pro with Rollease motors, but I don’t have any of my own to say exactly what the steps are.

Should have the best luck by following the Shades setup and selecting Rollease ARC in the Bond app, as well as using the directions above to reference which buttons to press on the original remote and/or blind motors at any necessary points in time.
(Did you catch the other video by that same company as you linked, about adding a remote?)

If you have trouble, during normal business hours the Chat option (under Help) in the Bond app can often get you to an official support person, or you could submit a ticket to the staff via

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Thanks for the detective work. Yes, I did watch the other video about adding a remote. I also just tried using the Rollease ARC in the Bond app, trying the pairing with the original remote as well as attempting another time with the blind motor directly. Both failed.

I’ll attempt to initiate a chat during normal business hours.

Best of luck! Let us know what they say / if there’s some special steps required.

Occasionally the Bond team will ask us in the community where we got the device if they expect it to work but it isn’t, so they can get an example in their labs.
Do you happen to know where you can get more of these, or did they just come with your home?
The Rewi website seems a bit bare bones and I haven’t found any dealers yet from random searches.

I can get more of these remotes, I’m still in touch with the person that installed the shades.

Based on the “AC” model number, my guess would be the “A-OK” technology. But indeed the brand’s website mentions ARC which is Rollease Acmeda. :thinking: We don’t have that remote in our lab, sadly.