Help with programming Rollease Acmeda DRAPES

Hello all, hoping someone can help me with a frustrating problem. I have some Rollease Acmeda drapes that I cannot get added to the Bond bridge. When I press P2 twice, the drapes beep twice (once each press), but then when I press the sync button in the app, I get nothing.

Here is the manual for the drapes motor:

Here is the info on my remote:

Automate | TSS 15CH ARC Remote
FCC 2AGGZMT0201012
IC 21769-MT0201012

I have this same remote model for each of the blinds around my house, and the blinds remotes program fine.

Any ideas? Thanks!

Is there any difference in the pairing procedure for the drapes vs blinds?

I don’t think so actually. Section 5.2 of the manual says you press P2 on the source remote twice, and then P2 on the new remote. I think that is the same process as for the blinds.

Anyone have any other thoughts on this?

How about try to group a working (w/ bond) and not working (w/ bond) on a remote and pair the new quasi drape via remote to bond just to test if that can work.

Thanks, could you elaborate on what you are suggesting? I don’t follow.

The basic idea is to have multiple equivalent devices be controlled simultaneously from 1 remote by setting the devices up on the same channel. This has the benefit to reduce virtually the # of devices seen by Bond and reduces the communication traffic while it becomes much more pleasing to see in a large room with multiple equivalent devices to be operated completely simultaneous.
Once you have accomplished step 1 you use the remote to learn Bond the respective commands which is now a much simpler process since you only deal with 1 set of learning steps and verification. I used the concept on outside blinds mounted high up so the accessibility constraint made it obvious for me to try this process.

Im looking to throw away the Pulse 2 Hub, its a piece of garbage.
I also have ARC Drapes and the pairing is the same as for the ARC blinds.
Is there any update on the ARC Drapes as this is a must for any replacement system.

Versa Curtain motor

Part number does not show up in the supported list.
Also my blind motors do not show up either.

E6 Blind Motor

Both are ARC motors so will they work? Pairing is P2 twice on the remote for the channel to pair with their hub. The remote being the 15channel version.

Reading up on the Bond Bridge Pro, from version 3.3 it can run completely offline with no cloud connection which is highly desirable.

The other question i have is the sub type. currently does not have a “Curtain or Drape” as a subtype for the cover.

Both are ARC motors so will they work?

Yes. They both should work.

The other question i have is the sub type. currently does not have a “Curtain or Drape” as a subtype for the cover.

We do have the Drape and Curtain sub-types. However, as of now this just changes the icon in the app. It still displays a vertical slider.

My ARC drapes do not work. @redstorm do yours work?

I don’t yet have a Bond Hub and trying to figure out if it is worth changing over.
What model Drape motors to you have? do you have the Square Versa or the older Oval version?

The oval motor. See the link to the manual in my first post.

I have never been able to get it programmed to the Bond, and Bond hasn’t been any help. I have had a technical support ticket open for seems like nearly a year now.

The remote model for this drape motor is the exact same remote model for my blinds, which all program fine. It’s baffling.

So interesting development as the Pulse 2 Hub was unusable. I was taking packet captures of the traffic from the Hub and this is what its doing.

Upon boot it will
Query DNS for “
It will connect to the first address returned, typicaly 8 A records.
These are all AWS IOT Service that uses MQTT on port 8883
My hub would connect then montoring the state of the connection would just die, a reset packet would eventualy be sent and the DNS query / Connect to first endpoint on port 8883 dance would continue.

My hub was so unusable that i decided to delete my entire account in the Pulse 2 App on Android and have one last go at setting it up.

What happend after was the Hub started working. all my blinds in Home Assistant came online and were controllable and i have nothing configured now in the App on my phone. I dont use the app anyway as i built my home as an offline smart home and this is the one system that talks to the cloud.

Even though the hub is now working it still relys on the cloud, so the Bond Bridge Pro in offline mode is probably still the way to go if you have ARC Blinds/Drapes.

I’m tempted to see if i can block the hub from Querying Googles DNS as its hard coded by the looks of the traffic . (its not using my DHCP issued DNS servers) and highjack the connection to a local instance of MQTT running in Docker on port 8883.

[edit] Hmm might have spoke too soon, Blinds and Drapes dropping offline again.

I’m reluctant to drop nearly $700NZD on a Bond Bridge Pro without confirmation that the Blind/Drape motors i have are compatable.

Mine are the newer Versa motors that are square for the Drapes, as a heads up to anyone thinking of using these there RF range is absolutly terriable.

The Antenna hole is tiny, I’m tempted to drill it out on all of them to improve things, why they dont have an external antenna is perplexing as they are all hidden behind your drapes. I have disassembled one to see how hard it would be to add and external antenna to it. but might be worth the easy option first and just open up the hole a bit.

@merck perhaps Bond can purchase an ARC drape motor and diagnose?

@andrw1049 can you give us the model number (or better yet, photo of the label of) your drape motors that are not working with BBP?

It’s unclear to me whether they are the MTACRF35 that @redstorm has, or some other ones. It may be that @redstorm ‘s will work fine but there is something different with your model.

I have a Bond Bridge, not a Bond Bridge Pro. Below is the drape motor. Note that @redstorm’s MTACRF35 you referenced is a blind motor.

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MT01-2101-069002 Versa Drape Motor (ARC)
MTACRF35 Blind Motor (ARC)

hi @merck any ideas based on the motor ID?

i am having the same problem! i have 2 Rollease Acmeda SHADES in the house and 2 Rollease Acmeda DRAPES which are all controlled by the exact same MODEL of remote. i can get the BOND to control the shades just fine but the drapes will not respond to pairing.

please help!