Universal Remote - Fan Light Dim Levels

I have some generic Remotes that work fine with Bond, but the light dim function requires you to HOLD and RELEASE when it gets to the dim level you want. Obviously there is no way for Bond to know what the current dim level is of the light.

Does anyone know of a universal remote/receiver pair that will allow me to set the dim level of the ceiling fan light? I want to be able to have the light turn on, and then set to a certain dim level.

Welcome, @Fearless !

Depending on your smart home set up, and if you have a programmable controller of some sort (ISY, HA, Hubitat, etc), then you can get pretty close if you only use Bond and API integrations. You’d have to track the last-known brightness on that controller and whenever turning on, estimate how long to send the dim commands (to reach desire brightness) before stopping transmission. No usage of original remote would be allowed, though, as it would get out of sync with real world light level vs last-known brightness.

But to answer your actual question - Bond licenses its tech to companies which can make a Smart by Bond integrated receiver. That was an option taken by Home Depot for their universal fan controller - but seems like there is some availability issues at present.
That only works for AC-powered ceiling fan motors; so if you happen to have DC-powered motor on your ceiling fan, you’ve not got really options (at least not of which I am aware).