Preset/"My" command for "other shades"


I have motorized shades from Suncontrol Awnings & Shades that use the Gaposa remote (434.15Mhz). The remote has 4 commands: Open, Close, Stop, Preset (long stop). I have successfully added them by using the Other Shades options and teaching them the RF commands. But there are only 3 commands in that device type (Open/Close/Stop). I can teach the Stop command either to stop or go to the preset position. This is fine when I use Bond as I don’t need the Stop command and just use it for my Preset command.

But when using the SmartThings integration, it only comes across as a switch with Open/Close (no stop or preset). My workaround is to change the device type to Fan in Bond and use the low fan setting to position at preset. In SmartThings, I then use On to Open, Off to Close, and Low speed to go to preset. But it’s clugey and confusing to see the shade as a fan in SmartThings.

  1. Is there an existing device type within Smartthings that would support at least the existing 3 commands that show in Bond “other shade” device?
  2. Is there a plan to add an additional command to the other shades device so that I can teach it all 4 commands.