Wifi problem to connect

Hi, after few months of use I split my wifi to 2.4 and 5 and after that the bond turn orange circle, I tried to connect again but I can’t find the home wifi in the app, I read that there is solution with configuration in the router or something like that, can someone help me please?

Have you done a Green Reset yet on the Bond Bridge?

Yes I did, the problem is that the Bond can’t find my home wifi, hotspot of my phone and my neighbors wifi he can find

בתאריך יום ג׳, 2 במאי 2023, 2:58, מאת Matt Burke via Bond Home Forum ‏<notifications@bond1.discoursemail.com>:

I saw you post in a different thread (the one about Australian WiFi channels having trouble connecting on older firmware versions).

Are you in Australia?
Do you know how to check on your router which WiFi channel your 2.4GHz network is using?

No, I am from Israel…the thing is that it work for a few months and when I asked to split the wifi to 2.4 and 5 the problem begin, the bond founding every wifi even hotspot but not my home router, I think I need to change my router setting

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Just to make it easy for anyone who stumbles across this thread in the future, it was resolved in a different thread: