Bond bridge keeps disconnecting from WiFi

My Bond bridge keeps going to orange and disconnecting from WiFi all the time very randomly. It will connect immediately when unplugged and plugged back in. This is the only device in my house that does this and the signal is right next to one of my Unifi APs. Any insight as to what may be the problem? I’ve locked it to a specific AP and locked it’s IP address.

I don’t spend much time with Unifi APs, but do they dynamically adjust channels or anything?
Many of the more recent WiFi struggles I’ve seen in the community have been related to channels (see [SOLVED] Bond Hub Won’t Find My WiFi)

I suppose if the channels are static and / or are not a solution, it could be something weird with the firmware – or maybe even a rare hardware issue?

What are the first 2 characters of your Bond’s serial?
And what version is your firmware?


I was wondering about the channels as well, but if it’s happening often then that is less likely, I expect.

Have you tried moving it to a different spot or using a different power outlet?
Also, are you using the power adapter that is provided with the Bond?

I know that USB power adapters look all the same, but we have seen some electromagnetic compatibility issues before.

I will try moving it around the house and see if it gets better. I will also double check that I’m using the power adapter that came with Bond. I’ve had this setup the way it is at my old house with no issues for like 2 years, but we just moved into a new place after living in a condo without any of my smart tech for about 18 months and am just now setting it all back up again. It’s possible I’m using the wrong power. I tried to change the channels on the AP’s and it seemed to work a bit better, but still dropping more than normal.