Bond partially reconnection to wifi after wifi restarts

Having this issue for some time now. If my wifi (internet) connection drops, then reconnects, the Bond hub app is working (showing bond is online and can be controlled). However, the bond hub is also broadcasting the “Bond Config BHxxxx” wifi device. The only way I can fix this is to power cycle the bond hub.

I thought the hub would automatically reconnect to the internet. Is there some setup that I should be performing?

I’m using firmware v2.17.4.2-beta

Well, it’s happened again last night.

The internet went out for a short time (power brownout). Once it was restored, the Bond is showing a wireless network device (it’s transmitting). I can still control the fans with a tablet and the Bond app, but the Google home won’t see it. The only fix is to reset the Bond hub (then the wireless network transmit goes away, and Google home can control the fans).

Any ideas?

When you say, “reset” - do you mean a manual power cycle, or using the ‘reset’ button being held down for a “Green Reset” / WiFi reconfigure?

Power cycle. If I do that, then the bond hub seems to reconnect itself to the same wifi it’s always been connected to (and the BHxxxxx wifi network is not shown). It also will ONLY then be controlled by Google home.

Argh!!! Yet again.

Internet connection went down a couple of times yesterday. Both times the Bond hub only partially reconnected. I could control the fans with the Bond app, but not with Google. And, each time, there is a Bond BHxxx wireless device being shown.

If I power cycle the hub, things return to normal (and Google can control the fans).

How do I get the latest beta firmware? Maybe there is some issue with that…

This issue was previously present in older firmwares and since fixed, I thought, but in any case, you can try the beta firmware and see how that works for you.

I’m using firmware v2.17.4.2-beta. The apps says there is no newer firmware, but I see folks posting with higher numbers. Is it possible I have some firmware issue? App issue? In that I’m not getting the latest firmware available?

What serial number does your Bridge begin with?
A/B is Snowbird and I think they’re having issues getting firmwares past that, whereas the serials starting with ZZ (Zermatt revision) are up to 2.20.xx.

@endy / @merck - is there any update on the Snowbird firmware upgrade path?

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Serial number starts with a “B”

No we don’t currently have firmware upgrades available for the A/B units.

Well rats…that’s ashame