Bond connected - no internet

I have a new Minka smartfan that is not connecting to the app. The the Bond Config wifi option says connected , no internet. My router has both 2.4 and 5 ghz and I set my android phone to use the 2.4 network but it still wont connect?


Things to try:

  • Airplane mode with WiFi turned on
  • Change your WiFi settings on the phone for the Bond setup SSID to say “use device MAC address” instead of “random MAC address”, if that option exists.

the airplane mode idea did not work and I don’t see a way to set the MAC address.

When I click on the Bondconfig wifi it starts up, goes to obtaining IP address and then goes to no internet.

That’s in the phone’s saved WiFi network’s Advanced settings, nothing in the Bond app.
It is only an option for some phones, but would look like this:

You can try to get real-time assistance from the actual Bond team in the app during business hours. You should see a Chat option under the Bond app settings → Help Center.
These forums are great at a number of things, but responses from us community members, or the occasional Bond staff member when they are able to pop in, are not always the quickest. Maybe we are overlooking something easy the Bond team will be able to help you with.