Bond Bridge randomly fails to work

I have 5 fans under ‘bond + Alexa’ control. Occasionally the control mechanism for a fan will fail.
Ie last night I accidentally asked Alexa to turn on the family room fan instead of the bedroom fan.

I told Alexa to turn off the family room fan and then turn on the bedroom fan.

I checked the family room fan and it was still running and would not respond to any Alexa commands or even the Bond IOS app. (Other fans still responded to Alexa or Bond app commands).

Typically failure occurs after a device is turned on (fan or light) followed by giving a command which changes the state, I have three different manufacturers for the five fans and each of them have had failures.

My home network is sorta compiicated, I have a Nighthawk wireless router running as just a wireless access point feeding into a switch which feeds into a Ubiquiti(?) router which is connected to an AT&T network interface device (1Gb). I typically have about 25 assorted devices attached to my network…I run a local name server so I can refer to some of the devices by name for simplicity.

Is failure to respond just something I will have to live with?

Thanks for any insights.

Do you get failures with the Bond Home app? Does the app report any connection error? Or does it happily update the state and just the fan doesn’t respond?

This makes it sound like maybe there’s a logical issue here. You might try contacting our customer support, be ready with your FCC ID for your remote control. There might be a better way to set up the fan in Bond Bridge that avoids some logical gotcha about the fan’s protocol.