Not able to adding Somfy Honeycomb shades?


I have my new bond bridge pro, and was able to add all my Somfy RTS roller shades and works well.

I have a few honeycomb shades (move up and down just like roller shades), using the same Somfy RTS.

When I add them, if I choose Somfy Shades, I was able to see it jog, but when paired, open or close button can only make it move a little bit (not like the roller shades that can open/close continuously until stops).

If I choose Somfy blinds, I was able to make it open and close continuously, but selecting Somfy Blinds means I won’t have the ability to control % of position as roller shades. (There is no option like roller shades that tests the course time)

I tested all of my 5 honeycomb shades, same problem.

Any suggestions?

Any one can help take a look at this one? Tried multple times, but still no luck. Now all my honeycomb shades simply only have up/down options, and cannot set % of position.

I don’t have any shades / blinds experience so I am reluctant to wade in here. I was hoping someone else in the community might have insight.

However, have you tried the Chat option in the Bond app Help section? That will likely result in a quicker official response from Bond and maybe some ideas to try.
The forums are more community driven and only as time permits do the Bond staff come through to check on us.

Does your remote has the My feature? In case you do, try to use that to set a preferred open position and see if that mode can be programed using the remote learn process rather selecting a preset somfy model. It takes more time but in the end you may get something that meets somewhat your desired control.
Checking my own old remote and find that the my function does only serve the setting of endpoints but not favorable intermediate position between fully up and down, which is what you want to do.
This is the limitation of the Bond approach reliant on prefabricated templates that can’t be updated conveniently by us end users to add a missing or delete a not present feature in the hardware at hand that is still assumed in the template to exist.
While hardcore coders may have the skills to overcome such short comings I have no desire to follow that path and rather wait for the magic of AI which at some point will handle those issues in no time. (don’t wait for that to happen soon; after looking at some first examples I found the approach almost laughable and mimicking a hand coding approach)

Thanks! I will try the bond app to see if I can get help