Westinghouse Fan Remote Not Working - 2ATPD20190601

I purchased the bond hub to help control a large, industrial styled, consumer ceiling fan in our living room. The hub responds to my use of the remote to record the buttons, but I have not found a single button that actually works when I test the recording of it.

I’d be happy to provide any debugging information if there is anything available.

What I Tried

  • I did go ahead and test that the bond hub works by programming a fan in another room from a different manufacturer and it did work for it
  • I tried recording different buttons
  • I tried pressing the button multiple times and long pressing it
  • There is a switch in the battery compartment for winter/summer and I tried it both ways
  • The remote seems to understand if the fan is off or on, so I made sure what I was recording was in sync. i.e, I turned the fan off with the remote, then I recorded the power on button
  • EDIT: Per this thread, I also have tried recording the command from further away



Hey @rothnic

Looks like our remote database doesn’t support this specific remote yet, but that doesn’t mean it won’t work!
You can check if our database supports a device/remote on this page and use this form to suggest a remote. It would be great if you can answer the form with the info you sent here, so the remote team can reach you when they work on it.

You mention

but I have not found a single button that actually works when I test the recording of it.

This means that after scanning the signal:

  1. You receive a list of possible remotes from our database and the buttons of these remotes don’t work
  2. You receive a “Test the command” screen with a big button in the center and this button doesn’t work

If the answer is “1”, then it means that the signal is similar to one of the remotes we have on our database and there is a chance for it to work…
But looks like it didn’t, so try selecting “Record remote manually” on the screen with the list of possible remotes, and you’ll be taken to the “2” flow. Recording manually takes a bit of time, but it works as well as using a remote in our database.

Also, have you tried to set the scanning type to RF and the frequency to 433.92 MHz? Sometimes this scanning advanced settings is not noticed.
Good to mention that you can disable the search on our remote database on the advanced settings too, and that will prevent you from getting a list of remotes in the scanning.

Hope this can help you!
Thanks for using Bond and contacting us here.

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Thanks, I’ll submit it where you shared. I wasn’t aware of that.

When I went to set it up, it didn’t find a similar remote (case 2 you described), so I seemed to only have the option of recording the commands. This is what I mean by testing the different buttons. I recorded different button presses to see if it was just having trouble with certain ones. During this process it didn’t suggest an existing remote at all.

I did try setting the scanning type to RF, but didn’t try choosing the frequency. I just tried again with the frequency set and that seems to have helped it actually respond to the press, though inconsistently. It feels like it doesn’t work as consistently as the other fan (different brand) I have, so will still probably submit the info.

The last thing I need to figure out is how to record different on/off buttons for winter/summer, since this doesn’t have a button to switch between the two. There is a switch in the remote battery compartment that does it instead. I guess I can flip the switch and record again to some button that isn’t being used.

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Good to know that it helped!

Your’re right!
And looks like the fan doesn’t have lights (at least that’s what I understood from the Product Page), so what I can suggest you right now is to record the summer on/off as Fan Light On/Off and the winter as the Fan On/Off.
I know that it is not the best solution, but this way it should work and you can use the integrations more easily than with another unused button.

I will let the remote team know about the inconsistency and the need for specific On/Off buttons for summer and winter, but I need to be realistic, it may take some time to make these changes.

Let me know if the suggestion worked and if you need any more help, I’ll be glad to help!

I am thinking of purchasing this fan. Did you ever get it working reliably with the bond bridge? It appears that this same remote is used with Bannon 100 inch and 120 inch fans sold by Northern tool.