‎Chriari 60" ‎Walnut Ceiling Fan - Light control not working


I have this ‎Chriari 60" ‎Walnut Ceiling Fan

The fan has 6 speeds which I have all working fine with the Bond Hub. The fan remote has one button for the but the light has three color / “warmth” choices.

The button appears to work like this:

  • Click the button enough times to get the light to the color that you want. Repeatedly click the power button and it cycles through on and off and changes color
  • Wait for a reasonable amount of time (an unknown quantity - let’s say 10 seconds or more) and the button will turn off the light and it will turn back on with the same color choice if you do not turn it back on too quickly
  • Push the button more than once and it will cycle through the three color choices
  • If you turn it off and then turn it back on too quickly it will switch to a different color, wash, rinse, repeat

The Bond is turning green and recognizing the remote but when I run a test the light is not turning on or off. I have tried pairing many times and using different Bond “button” choices. I have had the Bond work exactly once to toggle the light.

Anyone have any way that I can configure the light and Bond to work to turn on and off the light?

I’m thrilled that all of the fan speeds are working and I have the iOS / Siri shortcuts working. Would really like to get the light working too.


When you are testing various button choices (hopefully as a ‘new device’ workflow so you don’t mess with the existing device that works with at least the fan speeds), are you getting various Templates suggested to you? And each Template you try seems to not work (outside of maybe one that worked once)?
Have you also tried Advanced and de-selected the ‘search database’ default option, to perform a “raw record” of the light button signal?

Well it took a fair amount of tinkering but I got it figured out.

At first I was using the toggle light on / off because that is what I assumed that the button was doing. There is no on button and no off button so it seemed like toggle fit the bill.

I believe that I had tried the on and off choices before but I think that after pairing I may not have turned the light off before trying the test turning it on.

So … to get this working I turned the light off, registered the on button in the Bond app for the fan device. Then I turned off the light using the remote, then I tested the on button in the Bond app and it worked. Then I turned the light on and registered the off button in the Bond app for the fan device. Then I turned on the light using the remote, then I tested the off button in the Bond app and it worked.

It looks like I am good to go with this now.

Very, very pleased!

P.S. - I did try the raw recording when I was still using the toggle button and that made no difference. Not that I would have expected it to but I did not know about this capability. Always good to learn something new / Thanks!

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