Vertilux Celtic Bidirectional Motor

Hello, I have the Bond Pro. I tried to configure bidirectional vertilux motors model 6-800-MB-25B01, but they do not work in any way. I have tried multiple ways without any success.

@merck – this seems to be ASK @ 433.92 MHz, which you’ve equated to “usually means OOK”.

Bond’s “Supported Devices” kinda leaves this brand as an unknown I think.

This is something we are looking into. But not currently supported. It’s a unique protocol. Man there are a lot of these. It’s like zoology or something.


Any updates on adding support for Vertilux remotes/blinds?

I have the Vertilux Smart 35 RT Tubular Motor and I tried to record the button presses from the wall mounted remote Vertilux MOTWV01RG and MOTWV02RG and unfortunately and it does not record the 433.92MHz signal and replay it to control the shades.

Is there a workaround?

We will definitely have some news here soon, like lets say ~6 weeks from now.


Exciting, thanks for the update @merck, I will wait patiently for an update!