Does Bond work with Bliss Automation?

I’m considering getting blinds from Bliss Automation Does anyone have any experience with this product? TIA

Welcome, @oakweb !

I do not know personally.
Not sure if the BOND staff have seen this in their lab yet?

From the linked website you provided, this is partially hope-inducing (though BOND Bridges don’t really have bi-directional support as far as I’ve seen):
BLISS™ Motors use radio frequency (RF) to communicate. RF is the most effective telecommunication technology. BLISS™ runs on a frequency of 433.92Mhz and is bi-directional, which means that control and position information can flow from a controller/bridge to the motor and from the motor back to a controller/bridge.

There is also this PDF of the remote – which indicates a pairing / unpairing process (thinking that’s going to be a more involved rolling code or the like).
Finally, they mention a BLISS Bridge (FCC ID : 2AU29AMPRFWIFIUSB).
Looking up that FCC ID, I found 2AU29AMP15REMV3 appears to be for the same or similar remote (therein are reports that the Modulation is FSK - and FSK Modulation is a per-device level kind of support from BOND, historically).

EDIT: Likely supported because it’s mentioned in the app (thanks @oakweb!)
–old comment–Unless some BOND staff stop by and say otherwise, or unless you contact BOND support via, I would say it’s likely not supported, at least not yet.–old comment–

Oh, apparently they also have a Serial Port version of their Bridge in addition to the USB one I linked above.

I checked the Bond App and it lists those devices specifically so pretty sure it does.

Oh, you are wise, @oakweb

I meant to check there, but didn’t.

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So just tried mine, and it didn’t detect the jog. Anyone have any ideas? The remote looks newer than the one they have in the Bond App

Can uou share a picture of the front of the remote, too?

We have tested with the remote pictured below, which has model number AMP-I5C-Remote, very similar to your “I5C- Remote”. I’d expect it to function.

Maybe try a button on the motor for pairing?

Our support team perhaps could help you as they deal with a lot of different permutations of these.