Levelor Motorized Blinds

Does anyone know if they are workin on this? I sent them all the info for it. I was told the issue is the frequency range is much higher than traditional, it’s in the 2.0-2.5Ghz range. Is that going to have to be a hardware upgrade or can a software update make this range work?

Unfortunately, none of the existing Bond Bridge models have the hardware required for this.

So for this to work it will have to be an upgraded newer Bond Bridge that will include the hardware? Is that something you guys are workin on? Or plan to work on?

I’ve had my BOND for more than a year, I think… and we’ve been told before that 2.4ghz support has been “coming soon” that whole time. Is it still actually in your product roadmap?

I currently have $5000 in Levolor sheer blinds in my great room with no way to automate them. (Levolor did recently release a premium remote that you can program schedules into with your phone, but there’s no sunrise/sunset option, voice integration, out-of-the-home capability, etc… so it’s of limited use.)

It’s great that you’ve automated Somfy, but Somfy already had automation - and people who’ve purchased Somfy blinds likely bought a myLink bridge and have no reason to buy a BOND. However, us Levolor blinds owners have no options at all.

I currently use my BOND for my fireplace (which is IR), and absolutely love it. I would easily pay $200-300 for another one if it could help me solve an automation problem for which there is no solution.

Thank you!

I’m with him! Haha I’ve spent $2k on the blinds, I’m with you! I need a way to communicate with them smartly! Haha

I’ve never heard a plan to support 2.4 GHz - considering the hardware of both the original Bond Bridge and the slight revision / newer Bond Bridge both lack any GHz support, it would have to be a new hardware revision Bond to be able to support those.

Where did you hear that support for 2.4 GHz (or any GHz) was coming soon? I’m sure the Bond team would like to correct them :slight_smile:

As far as I know, these are the only supported frequency ranges:

New revision Bond Bridges: 285.5 - 505.5 MHz
Original revision Bond Bridges: 300 - 450 MHz

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Here’s the article on BOND’s support website (Olibra’s ZenDesk) saying 2.4ghz is coming:

“In the current version of the BOND we are not supporting 2.4GHz remotes. This is something we plan on supporting.” … “We will keep you updated once we are rolling out a version of the BOND that will support 2.4GHz remotes.”

ALSO – note that the post was made by Olibra (BOND’s owner) on December 14th, 2017.

Early on we made a lot of promises. We’ve been thinking about 2.4GHz for the past couple years, but other improvements have been higher priority.

Yes, it’d need to be a newer Bond Bridge, with new hardware.

Or plan to work on?

It’s something we’d still like to do, but for now this remains in the very early planning stage.

Any word on this support?

Nothing from Bond team / Olibra as of yet.

Sorry, we don’t manufacture any hardware that has the necessary radios for the 2.4 GHz band. Also, the fraction of newly manufactured shades using 2.4 GHz seems to be decreasing, so it makes the development of a new product for that band less attractive. We have no active project to build such hardware.

EDIT: That said, there may be Levelor blinds that use a supported frequency. It depends on the motor used.