Possible to control SmartWings Shades?

Has anyone here able to get their Bond (I have Bond Bridge Pro, if it matters) to work with SmartWings shades? They are in the 433 range, and the Bond indicates the button presses are learned, but the shades won’t respond. Any help appreciated.


I think it’s FSK (so will not work with raw recording). We are in evaluation for adding support, should have it in a matter of weeks.


Awesome. That’s Great News. Thanks!

Just checking in on the SmartWings support. Any update on the timeline?

We are still trying to get the right motors in-hand. [everytime I use words referring to time like “weeks” I regret it. turns out the motor we had was not the right model.]

Well, stuff happens. I’ll check back again in a few weeks. :smiley:

Great. I am also interested in this.

Smartwings is one of the shades I’m evaluating as well to connect through Bond pro to habitat.


I contacted Smartwings. They gave me the following info. I am not a Bond expert and can’t figure out where to modify / input these settings. Any help?
From Smartwings:
“You can try to match the Rollease Automate ARC channel mode from Bond. I have attached a photo for you.”

Very interesting. So if you try pairing as Rollease Automate ARC does it work for you? (You can try in the app with Bond Bridge I’d you don’t have a Sidekick.)

Update: It works! Instructions:

  1. Use Dooya (Bi-directional)
  2. The pairing button the 5 channel remote is under the battery cover on the back just above the batteries.
  3. Follow the instructions in Bond. Make sure to press the programming button twice before going to the Bond pair page.

Additional good news: it can close to a certain percentage.


Great! We still haven’t gotten the right samples, but you’ve resolved the mystery for us! Thanks, Chad!

@chadconway You are my hero! Thank you for posting your findings. Working for me now too!

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Awesome glad to hear it!