Motionblinds CM-03 motor and CM12 remote pairing

I can’t get these to work. Bond sees the remote commands, programs them but does not control the blinds. Motionblinds advertises works with Bond Bridge on their website. I have tried with the bridge in the same room as the blinds, so it is not a range issue. The remote FCC is Z4YCM12, it is on the compatible list. The motor is a CM-03, also shows compatible. What am I missing here? Motionblinds sells a wi-fi bridge that does the same thing as the Bond Bridge but I don’t want to spend more money.

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Anyone here? I guess I get no help.

The Bond app has a Help section where you can chat during business hours for more real time help direct from Bond staff.

The staff sometimes visits this forum, true, and many of us community members try to help each other.
But I don’t have any experience with Blinds or Shades and don’t have much to offer you myself yet.

Last I saw about MotionBlinds:

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Installing this beta firmware solved my issue. The shades work great now, only issue is I don’t have a preset option. We have set presets with the remote, but bond doesn’t have this option. Would love this as we have them set to open only halfway. At least now I can have them close at sunset if we are not home. Thanks for the help with the firmware suggestion.

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