Velux Solar Skylights

The Velux company makes very nice, reasonably priced Skylights which uses Solar to charge a battery for wireless control (Open/Close Window, shades etc.). Of course, it seems to be locked into only devices by io.homecontrol, a closed eco-system, from the looks of it. Hoping someone is finding a way for the BOND to control these.

Hey Randall, do the Velux lights have a remote control? If so, does the remote control have an FCC ID code on the back of it?


Yes, FCC ID: XSG832794



Hi Randal,

Thanks for the info… Sadly that remote uses a frequency (2450 MHz) which is not supported by current BOND hardware.


I also have a Velux skylight; different remote FCC ID: XSG833429
Frequency Range: 2.425-2.475 GHz


@cmhaagen, sadly Bond Bridge (BD-1000) does not have a 2.4GHz proprietary radio, so that device cannot be supported.