Velux Active With Netatmo Skylight Control

I have several of these Velux Active Solar skylights with Netatmo and was hoping Bond could support their remotes. I noticed that others posted slightly different FCC IDs back in 2018 for slightly different remotes and was hoping that mine are different. When learning, the Bond bridge turns green for each remote and all the options but only after about 20 seconds passed and repeated pressing. It detects a signal of around 359. However, the commands do not want to open and close.

  1. Skylight Blind:
    FCC ID: XSG831641

  2. Skylight Opening/Closing:
    FCC ID: XSG831643

As a side-note, this Velux system has support for Homekit and Google Home, however I mostly use Echos and Amazon Skills haven’t been supported by them.

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I’m unable to determine the range for the second remote but I would assume it operates on the same band:

As you saw in the other thread ( Levelor Motorized Blinds ), current versions of Bond Bridge do not support 2.4 GHz frequency.

Any other hubs that have a radio or workarounds?

Nothing pre-built, at least not that I know.

If you want to tinker around with Arduino or similar, are able to raw record and repeat the RF signals and modulation, then that’s a really DIY option available - would then need to integrate the Arduino or whatever controller into Alexa.

Could also see if you can get a replacement remote, open it up for soldering, and control the button presses via a programmable relay of some type that you can integrate with Alexa via some protocol.

The velux equipment uses incontrol protocol that has revolving codes, so normal remote learning solutions won’t work. I use HomeAssistant as my main control software which controls my bond bridge. I am in the process of adding a Velux Netamo control hub for my Velux skylights. You can use the homeAssistant HomeKit integration to control it which would allow you to use Alexa, Google Home etc. The homeassistant documentation for the Velux integration discusses this option.