Help setting up Somfy remote (ZWave)

I have two Somfy shades (sold under Bali/Springs Window Fashions). I have an individual remote for each shade, and I have a single-channel remote that can operate both in a group.

I have tried to follow the instructions to pair the remote with Bond, and I have so far been unsuccessful.

Bond Info:
Firmware: 2.9.4
Updated Bond Home App, iOS 13.2

Individual Remote Info:
IC: 12048A-VCZ
Model: VCZ1

Single-Channel Remote Info:
IC: 12049A-BRZ
Model: BRZ1

Remote info here:

I follow the in-app instructions, but when I press the programming button on the remote, the shades do not jog. I’ve tried a few other permutations of button pressing, but even the button presses that make the shade jog do not then pair properly with Bond.

Does anyone else have remotes like this? Have you been able to pair your shades successfully with Bond?

Answer from Bond support:

The BOND supports devices that are controlled by RF remotes within the radio frequency range of 300-450mhz for RF and IR device that uses 38kHz OOK modulation.

Upon checking the remotes with FCCID DWNVCZ and DWNVCZ that you provided, I saw that these remotes both have the same frequency range 908.42-916 MHz and both are not supported by the Bond. This is the reason why the programming wasn’t successful.

Oh well. Worth a try. Hopefully that might help someone in the same boat as me.

That product appears to be ZWave. So traditional home automation hubs should support it!