Shades & Blinds for Pella Windows--Any luck

  • Has anyone figured how to use Bond to control the motorized shades/blinds built into Pella windows?
  • Pella calls their system “Insynctive.” The shades/blinds are controlled by
    • (1) mini Rf remotes,
    • (2) limited automations set up on the Pella internet bridge, or
    • (3) a smartphone via thePella bridge.
  • The Pella bridge uses Rf (frequency = 433.92) to communicate with the shades/blinds.
  • Bond tech support said that they are not currently supporting the Pella Insynctive system.
  • I have been unable to get Bond to work even using Bond’s advanced features.
  • Has anyone had any luck?

Can you share an FCC ID and/or photos of front/back of the remote?

My suspicion is that it is an “FSK” based remote, which is a whole class of remotes the bridge does not currently support (but is physically capable of). The FCC ID will usually let us know.

Hi Merck.

  • Any help you can offer would be greatly appreciated!
  • I’ve attached the photos you requested.
  • The FCC ID is SO7-206A0000

Thank you for submitting this. FCC records indicate 434.92 MHz center frequency, and what appears to be OOK modulation. So, this should be physically compatible with Bond Bridge.

Does the Bridge manage to record the signal, but it just doesn’t operate the shade when you test it? Or does it fail to record the signal at all?

This is the same RF 433.92 used by many Select Blind remotes. When I have set the Select Blinds up, they tend to work well with a direct command. The scheduled responses are working with about 60-70% effectiveness. This may be due to the Bond needing to emit a slightly longer signal burst for the blinds to respond as expected. I believe this is also a known issue.