V4.5.4-beta for Bridges --- release candidate

We have released v4.5.4-beta for Bond Bridge Pro. (Not yet on BD-1000, sorry.) We intend to release this to stable within a week. The focus of v4 has been adding support for IP-IP integrations. We will be monitoring over the next few days to see if there’s any remaining blockers.

Full release notes:

What’s Changed since v3.21.3

Breeze Pro

Support for Breeze Pro, the new Wind Rain & Sun sensor from Bond. (Available in a matter of days.)

Managed Integrations

Now supporting local IP-based integration with:

  • PowerView Gen3 (requires Gen3 gateway from Hunter Douglas)
  • Draper IntelliFlex I/O (requires Draper IP Gateway)
  • Mecho (requires Mecho PoE Hubs)

This is in addition to previously released support for Screen Innovations TRO.Y.

Shade Support

  • Add support for Azenco lights (RLT2)
  • remotes::RMS125: BON - add required 2nd burst for Open/Close/Light
  • remotes::RMS148: add Equinox slider; add support for Equinox ALL channel

Bug Fixes

  • improve stability of HomeKit integration (yes, it is still Beta… there are still some glitches)
  • fix some crashes introduced in earlier v4 builds
  • fix a hang that may occur during OTA update
  • improve performance of setting many RTS shades with SetPosition
  • fix a crash occurring often after Virtual Remote Control use

API Changes

  • HTTP server now sends Connection close header
  • Devices now have ._lock_priority and ._lock_expiration, which are currently only used with the Breeze Pro. What this means is, when Breeze Pro operates a shade, screen, or pergola due to high wind conditions, integrations will be locked out of controlling the devices for a period of time to prevent damage to the device. The Bond Home app and Sidekick use a special header to override this. Documentation forthcoming for integration developers who need to do overrides.