V4.5.13-beta for Bond Bridge Pro

Note: Unless you have a Ronco or Bofu issue, I’m not recommending this beta. We intend to release it to stable on ~Thurs anyways. Just sharing the release notes as per our standard practice as we work with some customers with Ronco/Bofu schedule or group issues.

What’s Changed since v4.4.7.1

Bug Fix

  • Fix issue where BBP on Ethernet setup mode would pulse blue instead of staying solid green as expected. This was causing a lot of confusion and leading dealers and our staff to think that the Ethernet was not working, when it turned out just to be an issue with the LED software.

Shade Support

  • improvement to Alpha control
  • Virtual Remote Control now supported for Bofu technology
  • add support for Bon AM motor (RMS163)
  • solves a problem for Tilt-Only Levelor blinds (now we use SetPosition signals for Open/Close actions on RMS35 when slider is enabled)
  • improve Bofu (RMS76) reliability (by sending 3 signals instead of 1)
  • Ronco (RMS136): improve reliability (by sending 2 signals instead of 1)
  • add support for Select Blinds Lift&Tilt (RMS352)

IP-IP Integrations

  • Troy: add error when enabling without complete config
  • HomeKit: fix a crash related to stack overflow
  • PowerView: import their scenes automatically
  • PowerView: groups move together (when all of same PV type)
  • PowerView: fix issue where rooms may occasionally have been discovered as shades

I have Ronco (RMS136) shades and have a BD-1000 on v3.21.3.6
Will the RMS136 improvement come to the BD-1000 soon?
My Ronco shades are not consistently responding. Have to press the Open and Close multiple times. Once the shade wakes up, it is more responsive for a period.
Can I help trouble shoot by being a Beta tester on the BD-1000 platform for this change?
Thank you.

Ooo that would be great. Can you DM me your Bond ID? I can probably push you an alpha firmware. Please make a backup first.

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@sbochene tnx fer DM. I’ve pushed you v4.5.14-alpha (no change from .13).

Do let us know here if you see an improvement, and give some detail. We’ve had no testing of the Ronco fix yet outside our QA lab.

Hi @merck I didn’t know the Bond Bridges supported Powerview. I have a bunch of Gen 2 Plantation Shutters, will they work directly with Bond Bridge or Bond Bridge Pro? I would like to remove the PV Gen 2 hub if so.

To be clear, Bond Bridge Pro now supports integration with the PowerView Gen 3 gateway. We have no support for Gen 2, nor does Bond Bridge Pro talk directly to any shades. It’s all thru the gateway from Hunter Douglas. (Reason is, Bond Bridges don’t have the 2.4 GHz control capability.)

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