Bond Bridge Pro BETA v4.5.8

We just released a v4.5.8-beta for Bond Bridge Pro. — This is needed for certain IP-based integrations to work together stably. There are some known issues with using RF-controlled devices which we hope to learn more about by monitoring the beta. So if you give it a go and have some trouble, you can always go back to the stable version and we will get an automated problem report. (Assuming the bridge crashes (white light and momentary connection issue)).

Also, for anyone using HomeKit on a recent beta, please upgrade. We have some new analytics that may help us discover the cause of issues.

(NOTE: @davidabuch we are trying out the TRO.Y + HomeKit here now, will let you know.)

Just upgraded. First thing the upgrade did was move all the shades around to random rooms in HomeKit. The Dining Room shade moved into Master Bedroom, etc. I moved them all back to the proper location. Hopefully this version works well. Will keep in touch. Thanks!

Should I download 4.5.9 beta or stick with 4.5.8 for now?