V2.30.0 app says Bond Bridge (<v2.17) Won’t Connect to Cloud

Working to reestablish a cloud connection with my bond bridge and smart by bond fan. Successfully connected to WiFi and can control the fans through the app. However under network both are trying to connect to cloud under status and won’t resolve. Any ideas on how to proceed. I have factory reset both and reinstalled the bond home app.



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On firmware prior to v2.17.x release, the sys/wifi/sta.status field did not correctly indicate cloud connection. You raise a good point, seems we need to restrict the visibility of this info in the app unless the firmware is updated! — Or just get the v2.17.x firmware releases out (but they are still in Q/A).

This Network screen is newly updated in Bond Home app v2.30.0, that’s why this was not seen before.

Thanks for the report!

To be clear, I think your devices are working fine, unless you have some other symptom.

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Actually, I think that you are right on working correctly. I was having some issues associated with pariing to my hubitat hub, but these were resolved with removal of the BOND integration app and repairing. Initially I thought it was due to the connecting to cloud status issue. This is NOT the case and I am back up and running.


Seeing same behavior, also trying to save any settings in the advanced tabs gives an error message stating unable to connect to device, try again later.

Firmware update corrected this issue… connecting now and saving changes in advanced settings.


Thanks for the clarification. — But not your fault for being confused. The messages in the app were misleading for sure. It was an ambiguity on the API documentation. We’re getting that straightened out in a new app release.

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