Smart Devices and Bridge Not Connecting


Somehow, somewhere, all of my smart products (Google, Alexa, smartthings) have lost the functionality to connect with the bond bridge. The bond app works fine. I have disconnected, unlinked, resynced, everything with every item. Nothing works. They successfully connect and show up in their respective apps but then always say Unavailable, Disconnected or Offline.

I’ve rebooted everything, I’ve deleted all caches and relogged in, but nothing works. What am I missing? Why does the app work but nothing else?


Hey Josh – we in the community can try to help but it may be a little start and stop.

To that end, I wanted to ask: have you tried the Bond Chat (under Settings, Help Center) during business hours to get more real-time assistance from.Bond staff?

Oh, I didn’t really they had one. I can try that. Thank you!

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