Firmware update always pauses between 27% and 30%

I’ve never had a firmware update go smoothly on Bond before, but this time I’m totally stuck. Is there any way I can move it along without having to reprogram all 6 of my fans into it again? That is incredibly annoying and requires me to go through the even more annoying process of configuring Google Home to work with it again.

Also, I’m trying the firmware update as a troubleshooting step for getting the Bond Hubitat integration app to properly find my fans (it sees nothing) though in the Android Bond app itself, it says 0 devices for my bond bridge, even though it’s literally the only one I have and it is able to control all 6 fans.

(BTW, in general the Bond is pretty finicky, and oddly the newer hardware doesn’t support 40mhz channel width N whereas the older does, took me a long time to figure that out after I had exchanged the first one and the replacement wasn’t working. And why doesn’t it have an ethernet port?)

Resetting will not help, so please don’t needlessly loose your fans.

The only known issue with firmware update is if you have high ping times (~200ms+) to the East Coast of USA (Virginia), it may stall. Test ping here:

As for why you cannot see the fans, they may be cloud devices. You can tell by changing in Bond Home app under device settings. If there is no Local Token, the device is not stored locally, and you will need to upgrade FW and reprogram the remote to get it to work with Hubitat.

Lastly, as for 40MHz N, I’ve not heard of that being an issue before… so you have a network that ONLY supports 40MHz channel? I’d imagine you would have trouble with a lot of IoT devices. No?