Using Alexa requires a power cycle every time

So my Bond bridge has been working flawlessly by itself for a few months, I am always able to control 2 fan units I have inside the app and also HomeKit thanks to Homebridge.

But using Alexa has been unstable for a little over a month, I’ll try a Command, get no response. Power cycle the bridge which I have now put on a smart Outlet as going to my rack each time is cumbersome,.

After the power cycle Alexa seems to work for at least an hour, next command I try with Alexa requires another power cycle.

I have tried removing the Alexa skill, re-discovering, and all of that over a dozen times. No matter what only the power cycle seems to solve the issue. Is this a known issue?

Per the Bond App I am on firmware

Let me know if there’s any other useful information I can provide.

I don’t know as I don’t use Alexa - but that’s eerily similar to this post.

Ah man I thought I searched for it, thanks for the link!

I am using the provided USB power brick so I don’t think that’s my issue.

Well, darn. Was hoping that was a recurring theme.

I’ll hope some of our Alexa friends stop by - or maybe @jacob can tell us if something has been “off” with Alexa back end or vendor-to-vendor things recently.

Does your Bond serial number start with A/B, or ZZ?

My Bond S/N starts with ZZ.

I have exactly the same issue. Also ZZ

@jacob / @endy - thoughts?
(Can’t remember if you get involved in integrations or not, Endy)

@borski / @BrianAMartin221 - have you submitted a ticket or talked with normal support channels for the Bond team? I love the forums too, but the staff has reminded us a couple times that timely resolution isn’t guaranteed here, and in many cases, support may be able to assist more quickly.

I actually waited on submitting a ticket and the most recent firmware update seems to have fixed the stability.

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