Alexa constantly has issues controling Bond devices

Three times this week so far Alexa has lost the ability to control EVERY device (5 fans) controlled by Bond. Each time this happens Alexa says she cannot find the device named “…” for every device I try. I have learned the work around by login into the Alexa app and disabling and re-enabling the Bond skill. But this work around gets irritating now that I have done it three times in five days. It has also happened a couple times over the last month. The entire point of Alexa controlling Bond is for convenience so I don’t have to pick up my phone in the first place.

Anyone else having this issue?
Has anyone figured out a more permanent fix?

Its now 5 times in 7 days… I guess this is upgraded now to an every single day thing. Super frustrating.

Have had similar issues, with no workaround discovered yet. Particular difficulties getting fans with lights to operate correctly.