Alexa Integration Issue

Howdy all! I’m ripping out my hair here, I’ve got a Bond BD-1000 that was working perfectly with Alexa integrations - fans on/ off etc.

I know there was an issue with the AWS servers and that appears to be resolved as the message has disappeared from the home page. So to my problem - I can control my fans etc from the Bond app, however the Alexa integrations that were working, that are the functional equivalents of the Bond commands have ceased working or work partially - on but not off etc. The Alexa integration triggers the Bond (light ring flashes) but more often than not nothing happens.

As an aside that may or may not be relevant, I’d add that my Bond if it loses power more often than not boots-up to a red ring and requires multiple restarts before it goes blue.

Thoughts on how to fix this one? Thanks!