State of the Alexa skill?

The Alexa skill seems to have stopped working for us in the last week or so. Is this a know issue? My smart switches and OpenHAB integration seem to be working fine and I can control things from the Bond app, but not from Alexa. She chimes the success sound, but nothing happens.

Also, wiredly, the bridge seems to be stuck in soft ap mode or something. That is, the “bond config zzbl…” wifi is still being broadcast even though the bridge is connected to my router (the latest Comcast issue, wifi 6). The Bond Bridge is definitely, definitely reachable from within my home network and responds to local http commands from my Raspberry Pi nearly 100% of the time. The app is a little hit or miss - sometimes is says the bridge is offline when I know it’s not - but it mostly works. Alexa is almost always failing.

My bridge is running 2.14.5-beta.

Based on


I’d guess your Bond Bridge is connected to your home network but not to our backend. We are aware that many Bonds have trouble reconnecting to our backend after losing connection to the internet, and are looking into how to improve here.

Does a power cycle make the Bond reachable by Alexa?

No, power cycling doesn’t seem to make it jump back on, nor does doing a WiFi reset (the 5 sec reset to the green pulsing). Sometimes after a reset Alexa will work briefly, but not always and only briefly.

I’m sorry, I feel really stupid. It was my fault all along. Trying yet another power cycle because I couldn’t get out to stay connected for more than a few minutes I looked at the cord and said to myself “exactly how long ago was it that I got that USB power strip to replace the pile of single bricks?” I dug out the original Bond stamped brick it came with and plugged it back in to that and it has stayed connected to both the local network and your servers and Alexa since. Doh. I’m not sure what it was about the USB strip that it didn’t like, but it seems to be partial to its own brick. Such an easy fix. I hope I didn’t stress the internal circuits and power regulators too much.

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