Unable to integrate Bond with SmartThings

I am attempting to connect Bond with Smartthings but am running into an issue, and I’m not sure if its the Bond or SmartThings app thats causing it. I’ve been chatting with customer support, but I guess this is an odd issue. Any help would be appreciated!

  • I installed the SmartThings app
  • I clicked “+” then searched by device for “bond” and Bond Home showed up
  • I clicked Bond Home and got to this screen, which wouldn’t allow me to do anything

    *I exited SmartThings and went back in. I searched for Bond Home again and now there’s no results! Bond Home doesn’t exist anymore.
    *To get Bond Home to show up in the search results again I need reinstall the SmartThings app. This is the cycle I’m stuck in…

Tech Specs:
*Bond app version 2.26.0, firmware 2.14.3 (same issue with older firmware too)
*SmartThings app version 1.6.49-413.
*iOS 13.6.1 (same issue with previous update too)