[SOLVED] Google Home Integration broken

Hello there @jacob and @merck,

I took a bridge firmware update this week to 2.14.3 and I have lost connectivity with Google Home.

Response when giving a command: “Sorry, it looks like Bond Home is unavailable right now”

Response when syncing devices: “Something went wrong when syncing with Bond Home”

I went into the Google Home app and tried to reconnect my Bond account. I get an enter password dialog but my username/ email and password combination aren’t recognised (I’ve tried multiple times and have tried copying and pasting from my password manager so I’m confident there are no typos).

I then tried the ‘sign up’ option but it says (correctly) that my account already exists.

So, seems like some kind of account authentication error?


To add: I’ve just tried to connect with Alexa and I’m having the same log in error. I also see a couple of recent reviews on the skills page similarly saying it broke with the last update


Thanks for the report, looking into it.

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I am experiencing a similar problem. I updated and Smart things can no longer reach it. I went to try to reconnect and it gives me an invalid password. Went to the Bond app and changed my password. Connecting through Smartthings the Bond login still gives me an invalid password

Hi @jacob is there anything to report on this? I noticed this morning that I had an update available to v2.14.5 so I assumed you’d pushed out a fix. However, GH still reports Bond as unavailable, and I still can’t reconnect due to a username/ password error


Hi @jacob and @merck , I wondered if there was any chance of an update on how your investigation is going?

Sorry to be ‘that guy’, it’s just that - like many of your users I’m sure - Bond is fairly central to my daily home automations, so this is quite impactful



It seems we are experiencing rolling de-authentications. I’ve been told the solution is just “de-associate then re-associate the Bond Home skill”, but I understand that’s not possible for you due to authentication issues.

I’ve informed the backend team, let’s see what they think. I’ll follow up tomorrow.

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I hear you were helped out by one of our backend engineers already in direct messages.

For those who may come to this forum with the same question: you’ll need to log out then log back in to your Google Home or Alexa Bond Home skill. We’ve also started proactively sending out emails with instructions to affected users.


I was indeed. Thanks, @joaoricardo for your help with this!


I too was assisted and my issue resolved. Thank you.


I’m having the same issue. Can someone please contact me?

@pcdoctor - regular support looks like they should be back today (11/27), and I’m assuming 10 AM Eastern if it’s normal hours.

This forum is great, but if you need timely help, the official support methods are best.