SmartThings and Today widget not working

Hi all,

Both my integration to SmartThings as well as the Today widget on my iPhone have stopped working.

When turning on a fan in the SmartThings app, it gives the error “A network or server error occurred. Try again later.” I’ve deleted the integration in SmartThings and re-added with no luck.

Doing the same in the Today widget shows a blue line and then a red line. I’ve deleted the widget and re-added, but still doesn’t work.

Both integrations were previously working. Also, the Bond app works just fine.

Any help appreciated.

Hey @1968mustang ,

I’m Endy, one of the iOS developers (including the Today widget).

Both Today widget and the integrations controls your device using our backend. The app uses other communication layers.

Can you do some testings to help us to find what is failing? Disconnects your iPhone from your home wi-fi and try to control your fan using the mobile network.

If that’s ok to you, you can send me your Bond ID and/or your Bond account email on a private message so I can check some logs and understand better what is happening.

@endy - I tested using the mobile network, but get the same result. Also, happy to provide Bond ID and email, but don’t see how to send you a private message.

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Try again, clicking on Endy’s name now?

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Thanks. Private message option shows up now.

@endy - PM sent with requested info.

I’m glad to update this topic saying that we had success in fixing it!

About the issue:

The app can control the Bonds using local communication (when in the same network the Bond is connected to) and external communication (another network, like the mobile network), but the integrations, the Today widget and the Siri shortcuts uses the external communication only.

From what @1968mustang reported and our internal logs confirmed, the Bond was not connecting to the internet to allow external communication, responding only to the app using local communication.

The cause:

Looks like updating the firmware to v2.17.4.3 caused the issue. Something went wrong and the device wasn’t able to connect with the internet, even tho it was connected to the local network.

We already stopped distributing/allow users to update the devices starting with serial A and B to this version and are working on the ones that are showing not expected behaviors.

The fix:

Re-setting the Bond on the network fixed it.
It is done performing a “wi-fi reset”, explained in this article and then setting up the device on the account again.

Good to mention to do this reset carefully, since “holding down the reset button” too long will remove ALL the devices on the Bond.

Thank you!

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