Unable to Add Remote

I’m trying to add an IR remote for my electric fireplace. The bond 1000 identifies the remote as an RFP35 but after doing so refuses to complete configuration. The error indicates “This device is not supported. Try updating the firmware”. I’m assuming Bond firmware. When I check the version I see if an update is available I see that it’s v2.28.0 and is the latest version

An interesting finding since first posting; once I select the RFP35 remote a button panel appears. I’m able to use that button panel to control the fireplace but I’m not able to save the settings. The above noted error is encountered. Any idea what’s causing the issue and how I can get around the problem?

I’m going to say that you may want to enable the Beta channel in the Bond app - that could be the firmware update it is referencing.
Some of the RFP remotes with lower numbers were added in beta firmwares in the past; when I try to add the local version of RFP35 with a POST command via cURL, I get an “unknown device template” even on my v2.29.7-beta Bridge device.
That seems to me to point towards this being a “cloud” device - and therefore may be complicated enough that the beta firmwares are where it is being tested.

@endy - does that sound plausible?

Hi Mark,

I changed to the beta version mentioned. When attempting to add the RFP35, the error message still appears. I don’t believe the remote would be a cloud device (in my understanding of such) as it’s an IR device. Never registered with a cloud service nor is it operable from an application on my cell, sans Bond of course.


What @residualimages mentions - about Cloud Devices - is plausible, but we’re migrating everything from cloud to local (Template Devices, as we call), but this is not the case for the RFP35.

What happened is that the Remotes Team was working on supporting RFP35 as a Template Device, and that’s why you see it as a suggested remote. The problem is that it is an IR remote, and the current logic for Template Devices doesn’t support it right now, only RF.
The “Test the remote” screen uses a different structure for transmissions, and that’s why it works there, but you can’t finish the device creation.

What you can do right now is ignore the suggestion and select Record remote manually. This will create the device as a Raw Recorded Device and should work as well as a Template Device.

Good to mention that we’ll disable it as a suggested remote until the logic for template devices supports IR (it can take some good weeks).

Thanks and let me know if have any other issues!

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Thanks for clarifying both backend and cloud structures. I’ve done as suggested and added remote as a RAW record device. It works okay this way for now. I know a working version of this remote may be a few weeks/month or more away. how will I know when such becomes available? Is there a notification service that I can join?

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Unfortunately no…
We do post Firmware release notes on the Forum that includes new remotes supports.
You can also check if we changed the support status here, searching by the remote FCC ID.