Device Missing from API

I’m working on developing an integration using the local API. I added my fireplace with the remote. The app recognized RFP21 and it worked great. However, calling the devices endpoint results in no devices.

curl --request GET ‘
–header 'BOND-Token: removed for security

The result only shows the hash and no devices.

If I add a second fireplace and have the Bond manually learn the commands everything shows fine and it shows as a normal device. What am I doing wrong? When I do select device RFP21 the I get a completely different interface that includes things like functions. When I manually learn the commands I can’t get it to display and learn things like “functions” HIgh or Low.

Any help would be great. Thanks

Other cases where the API doesn’t show the device have been instances where the remote template was a “cloud device” - a holdover from the days before BOND prioritized having local device control.

The fact that you tested and verified manual recording still works and that device is then accessible via API basically confirms it.

@jacob - is RFP21 moved to local in any of the beta firmwares / on the roadmap?

@residualimages, thank you for replying. Your answers have been very helpful in getting a better understanding of what is going on. You’ve also confirmed I’m not crazy :slight_smile:

My desired behavior is how it works in the bond app under RFP21. Here is the screenshot. You’ll see the fireplace has two functions.

When I click on “High” the flame starts to turn up and it won’t stop until I click it again.

When I manually program this fireplace clicking on the “flame up” command only moves it up a tiny bit and I would probably have to click it 50 times fore the flame is on high. That is not my desired behavior.

Thanks again for the reply and I hope we can come to a resolution.

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Would it be better to submit a ticket on this?