Force use of remote template?

I have 3 of the same fans I’m trying to configure to work with a new bond bridge, Home Depot “Home Decorator Collection Bayshire”. Remotes are FCC ID 2ABUP-FT1212R.

I see that this FCC ID is not officially supported. However, as I’ve added all 3 fans to my new bond bridge, 2 of them were recognized and assigned template “RCF259”. This template seems to have the correct buttons and works to control the fans. For some reason though, the 3rd fan will not be recognized to use the template, I’ve tried removing it and re-adding it a few times.

Is there a way to force it to use the same template? If not, is there some best practice to get it recognized?

The primary reason I need the template is that the template comes with “Dim Down” and “Dim Up” buttons that work to dim the lights. However, there are no Dim Up/Down command options if I am manually programming the commands.

Any recommendations are appreciated.

You could do this on the API. You could look at the first fans’ configuration and then force it on a POST devices call. However, you’d need to somehow get the right address devices/{}/properties.addr. — But that’s getting deep in the weeds.

You can try different distances from the Bridge while recording, or repeatedly tapping versus holding down the button. That sometimes gets it to see the signal clearly.

Crazy theory: Maybe the third remote is actually a different RF protocol? — Can you pair your third remote with the first or second fan? — Sometimes protocol changes despite appearing the same (though usually it’s the other way around).