Turning off one fan turns on another

When i either turn off light or turn off fan (Template: RCF123) it would turn on the fan (Template: A1). RCF123 i believe have 5 dip switches vs A1 has 1 dip switch so that shouldnt be an issue. I was seeing if it is just a bond issue since when using the real remote this does not happen.

This is interesting overlap.

@merck - since they’re both templates, they wouldn’t have additional “RF noise” segments in the signals like raw recorded devices often have, right?
Is it an undesired side effect of the Bridge being more powerful in RF transmission than the OEM remotes, possibly?


Question: @andern If you walk into the other room with the RCF123 remote, does it control the A1 fan?

In either case, a workaround could be to change the address (DIP switches) on the RCF123 remote, repair with the fan, and re-add to the Bridge.

The fans are in the room next to each other and when using the remote they never have issues. I was just trying to see if others have this issue. I probably have to change the dip switch on one of the fans to fix this.