Mercator Fan Help!

Hi, I’m new to bond bridge and I’m trying to control a Mercator branded ceiling fan. When I pair the remote it recognises it as template RCF265. The bridge then controls my fan but the controls are all mixed up - the light works as expected but there is no fan off command (the off puts it to high speed). I could work around it but not being able to turn the fan off with the bridge is a problem.

I’ve tried to manually train the remote, but every command I’ve tried to program won’t control the fan. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

Picture of my remote below

I don’t have this fan, but I made a fake one based on the template name you provided, and then looked around at some of the details for the Commands – I cannot see any Signal details (just returns HTTP 204 / no content) like I can with raw-recorded Devices; previously, Bond staff had indicated this is expected on at least some templates:

To get more timely assistance, you can try to use the app’s Help section to chat during business hours ( I think it’s 10 AM - 10 PM Eastern Time ), or create a ticket via email – Bond staff do come through these forums when able, but not always on a set schedule.

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I’m also curious about a nuance that likely has nothing to do with this particular fan / remote, but just in case…
Certain remotes are “stateful” in that they transmit the last known state with their command signal.
Does the “Fan Off” command in Bond set the fan to High Speed regardless of if the fan is currently On or Off, and as a further nuance, does that behavior stay the same if the last time the fan was set to On or Off (or had a speed change) was by the Bond app vs via the original remote?

It also could be that there are different similar but incompatible protocols. This happens all the time in the CF space, and when the protocol is more complex that the “manual” approach doesn’t work, then we need to get remotes here to play with. But currently we’ve got a backlog of shade technologies so adding new CF techs not in near-term plans (unless there’s a change in the popular ones).

That sounds bad but I’m just trying to be transparent.

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From the testing I’ve done, the commands seem to be consistent. If the fan is off the off command turns it on at max speed. When its already on it just goes to high speed. Same behaviour where I turn on with remote or the birdge. The speed commands are mixed and not in order. I could work around all that if there was just a command that would turn it off :disappointed:

Other than stubbornly trying with a second manually recorded (non-templated) device to get a clean Off signal (perhaps with the fan being ON already each attempt), I’m kind of out of good options to help from my end.

Thanks to @merck for being upfront about the small team at Bond already having a pretty hefty backlog, so putting in a ticket wouldn’t necessarily get a quick resolution. :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

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:+1: thanks for the suggestions!