2 rooms, 2 fans. Any attempt at controlling 1 controls both

So I’ve added two separate rooms with two separate fans, however whatever frequency they’re using must be very close as when I try to control one of the fans I end up controlling both. Is there a solution to this problem, other than completely replacing the receiver in one of the fans?

Thank you

Just for clarification:
Is this (undesirable) cross control evident with the OEM remote controls, or just with BOND Bridge?

Usually manufacturers have “dip switches” which can be used to adjust if one remote is controlling more devices than intended, or conversely, to allow one remote to control multiple devices.
They are usually set on both the receiver up in the ceiling fan cowl as well as on the OEM remote (typically visible in the battery compartment).

Yes, this is undesirable. I would like to have individual control over each fan.

The remotes have dip switches, I guess I’ll need to grab a ladder and see if there’s any dip switches I can flip on the fan itself. Thanks

FWIW, sometimes their are DIP switches in the receiver, other times the receivers learn the transmitter when you hold down the Power (or Learn) button on the tx within 30 sec of powering up the receiver.

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