Multiple devices responding to command

We purchased 2 identical Hampton bay ceiling fans, each came with a bond bridge. They are in different rooms and each was given a unique name, each is connected to its own bond bridge. However, when I send an on/off command to one of them through the bond app or through google home both devices are toggled. Any help in figuring this out would be appreciated.

Do they have their own individual physical remotes?

If yes:
Does pressing the buttons on one physical remote control both fans?
Or do you only see this behavior when issuing commands via the Bond app?

If no:
Can you specify which model of Hampton Bay fans these are?

I had the same problem with 2 fans from different vendors:
Emerson with remote FCC ID CHQ7084T
Minka Aire with remote FCCID CHQRH787T
and the remotes looked somewhat similar but not at all identical.
The problem was solved by changing in one remote the dip switch setting which was initially identical. My problem was that the fans where at different ends of the home so it took me a while to realize the conflicting control situation.

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