TiMotion (MantelMount MM815)

I have a Mantel Mount MM815 powered by TiMotion actuators controlled by an RF remote. When creating a generic device the app only gives options for “toggle” (momentary), “power on” and “off”.

Issue: Cant provide a full range of motion as button briefly sends signal once.


  1. Is there a way to add additional buttons to the virtual remote?
  2. Can you change how the button behaves, momentary vs latching, etc.? (need a continuous signal)
  3. Add a timing feature like the Somfy RTS shade remote
  4. Adding official support for TiMotion as they appear to be in many consumer devices (reclining chairs, desks, etc.)


Bridge Pro v3.17.4-beta
App v2.47.0

  1. Two methods:
    a) If you add a new device remote, and this time select Fireplace or Ceiling Fan, you will have a lot more buttons to choose from, and then using the API you can rename the buttons to more closely indicate what the button does.
    b) add new device remotes, choosing generic, for each “pair” of buttons - so you’ll end up with 2+ devices in Bond, though the signals from each will be going to a single real world device

  2. You can change the reps via API, so … The answer is “sort of”?
    See also: Sending continuous remote press

  3. I’ll defer to other community members who actually have Somfy devices

  4. I’ll defer to Bond staff, who may be able to provide insight the next time they drop by the forums.

Sorry, we don’t have much flexibility here. You could manually manipulate the 0.6 sec signal buffer and the “reps” but that’s it (as residual shared already).

I’ll be honest, I was approached by a few dealers at CEDIA asking about TV lifts. But we’re hyper-focused on shades & screens at this time. If you have a direct sales relationship with us, reach out to your salesperson. If we hear from some larger dealer/distributor accounts it could get it on the docket.

The way it’s currently implemented it’s tightly coupled to the few templates where we support “deadreckoning slider”. It certainly would be cool to make it applicable to generic devices.

You have to use the RUN + UP/DOWN/MEMORY buttons to move it up and down. I accomplished it with my Bond Home and Alexa custom commands to run 1 button, then another after half a second.

So now all I have to do is ask Alexa to move the tv up or down and it does it like magic.

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