Add buttons to existing Remotes

So I came across an interesting discovery today when installing my fan. The auto detect remote didn’t pick up my exact remote, and I was able to choose from a list. That’s fine, I found a similar remote. My remote does not have a fan off button. Very inconvenient. It has the fan speed setting and I need to press that 4 times to lower the speed to off. One of the (several) remotes bond suggested, HAS a fan off button and it WORKS with my fan! That got me thinking, can we get an update to allow all options to pre existing remotes? I know with manual setup, you can add functions, but not with pre built remotes. I would like to see if I can add other functions and have them work. Normally, I wouldn’t be able to program the fan off button because it’s not on my remote, but I guess that they are similar and compatible enough where it works? Thoughts?

It’s great that you found that. I was hoping to find a similar “discrete code” for light on and light off instead of just the toggle function provided on my MinkaAire fan’s original remote.

A previous Bond team member once shared this method of adding templates to your Bond Bridge for devices, without scanning the signals from their OEM remotes.

Now, I think the ‘community scripts’ piece he mentioned has been pushed to the back burner with other items on which the team has been focusing, but I remembered that old post today.

Wonder if we could pick and choose to add additional templates via this API call strategy, remove buttons / commands that we don’t want (from the Bond app or API), and then name the resulting devices something to distinguish them.
Might have 2+ devices listed in Bond for some fan that template #1 works better with the lights and template #2 works better with the fan (maybe discrete command control).


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I read the other thread and I think I understand what you are thinking of.

It might also be interesting if we could get a dump of the configuration behind each command it has learned. Then we could perhaps experiment with changing the commands and pushing them back to the Bond to see if we can find additional working commands that our remotes couldn’t transmit.

Exactly! I want to be able to make my own remote on the Bond with existing commands that are compatible with my fan. Even if I don’t have the physical remote buttons for the commands

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Last I experimented, we were not able to create / Post / Patch Actions so the opportunity to create a remote completely from scratch via API seemed unlikely at that time.